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Have you ever felt disconnected from your body? felt anxious, ungrounded or unsafe as a woman? or experienced issues around menstruation, women’s health, fertility or sexuality?

The disconnect we feel from our own bodies and from the women around us affects us on many levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

The work I do is a homecoming that guides you back to your feminine power within, through a combination of well woman yoga (womb yoga), menstrual cycle awareness and one to one support. 

These methods honour our cyclical female bodies and bring light to the parts of ourselves we keep hidden. Through these practices you will increase your self awareness and experience a deeper sense of body literacy which will empower you to step into your true essence..

This work can be beneficial to women at any time of life, whether or not you menstruate, or still have a womb and can be used for general wellbeing/vitality or to address specific issues such as :

-menstrual/fertility issues 

– low self esteem 

– anxiety/depression 

– eating disorders 

– digestive issues 

– low sexual desire 

– feeling stuck/disconnected/ isolated and more

It is your birthright to feel a deep sense of belonging. To feel free and to have the confidence to live from an authentic place. For too long we as women have felt ashamed to take up space or to use our voices. This is a call to every woman who has ever been made to feel small to step into her shakti power and take ownership of her innate wisdom. From that place, everything is possible.

Work with me to develop a deep connection to your body, feel safe to take up space in this world and love who you are.

Are you Ready To dive in?

I’m here to support you, answer your questions and walk with you on the journey home to yourself. You can read more about my specific offerings below or if you’re ready, book a discovery call to see if we’re a fit…

ways you can work with me one to one

womb yoga

1 session £99

4 Sessions £370

The 4 sessions are spaced over 4 weeks – synched to either your menstrual cycle or the moon cycle to tune into the essence of each phase.

Womb yoga practices are channeled for the female body. A combination of movement, mudra, mantra, relaxation and meditation. Designed to reconnect you to your body, feminine essence and the female moon cycle.

This option is also available for pregnant or postnatal women, as the practices will be adapted to support you through these transitions.

You can read more about womb yoga here or book a call following the link below to ask questions and book your sessions.

If you prefer to email, you can contact me here.

menstruality medicine circle

1 session £99 or

3 sessions over 3 menstrual months £270

An opportunity to deepen your connection to your cycle.

The session takes you into a meditative space where you will open up a dialogue with menstruality consciousness and journey through the inner seasons of your cycle. You will uncover what menstruality is communicating to you and how to work with your cycle to integrate the wisdom held within.


For you if:

You have a menstrual cycle 

You have noticed parts of your cycle that feel misaligned

You would like to connect to your purpose

You feel disconnected from your body, mind or soul

You would like to use your cycle as a tool for transformation

You sense your cycle holds a deeper intelligence and you would like to tap into that wisdom.


These sessions last for around 1 hour and are held via zoom. In preparation for your sessions it would be beneficial to track your cycle. If you’re new to this work you can download my free introduction to cycle tracking here and start today.

Book a call following the link below to ask questions and book your sessions.

Or if you prefer to email, you can contact me here.

one to one Coaching

6 week or 12 week containers available 

My coaching packages incorporate all that I have learnt and applied so far on my journey. I work very much intuitively so the sessions from client to client are never the same as they will be tailored to your specific needs. My main priority is to create a safe and nurturing space where you feel grounded, empowered and confident in who you are.

The sessions will be a combination of:

Menstrual cycle support (if you have a cycle)

Somatic embodiment practices


Nervous system regulation

Lifestyle/nutritional support

Self care practices 

Womb yoga/healing

All tailored to your specific needs

You will have access to me via WhatsApp throughout the container and we will meet via zoom every 2 weeks.

As a bonus you will also have FREE access to my yoga membership site for the duration of the coaching container so you can practice with me in between sessions if you so wish.

To learn more – book a call free discovery call following the link below to ask questions and begin your journey.

If you prefer to email, you can contact me here.

Are you Ready To Work Together?

I would love to support you on this journey. If you would like to find out more and see whether we’re a fit to work together, click the link below and let’s chat! I can’t wait to hear from you.