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Episode 11 – saying no to toxic hair care and creating shampoo with a higher purpose; with hair witch, louise king

https://open.spotify.com/episode/1UaEFuN0OBqDbP5mwA6nEa?si=ctu0U8TVS_SHlux8LqpbGQ Today I'm chatting to Louise King, a hairdresser and salon owner who does things differently to what you may be used to in the hair industry. Louise makes all of her own products, using completely natural ingredients many of which found when foraging. She creates shampoo with a higher purpose that are n[...]

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8 Books for kids with a positive message

I've always read a lot to my son. It's one of our favourite times of day, when we cuddle up in bed with a book. These days we read longer chapter books, he's six now, but below are some of the best conscious picture books with a great message that I've found over the years. I always look for books with a positive message, so that each night when we read not only are we having calm qui[...]

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Episode 10 – Activating your inner super woman with dr isabel sharkar nd

In this episode I'm chatting to Dr. Isabel Sharkar, a naturopathic medical doctor who co-founded Indigo Integrative Health Clinic in the heart of Washington, DC. She is known as the Super Woman Doctor and founder of Super Woman Activation, where she leads extraordinary women into aligned embodiment of their mind, body, soul and divine power. We talk about all things health and how[...]

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