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Welcome to my world. I’m so glad that you’re here. I’m Gina and over the past 9 years I’ve been on a healing journey of self discovery. Its been life changing which is why I’m now so passionate about working with women to help them find freedom within their own bodies. I believe we are born with everything we need to live a purposeful and abundant life, yet we all get tested along the way and end up with layers of conditioning. That conditioning can be a form or protection but it also can cause us to get disconnected from our inner essence. The work I do brings you back home to yourself, in all of your divinity. It reconnects you to your body and the wisdom held within. It’s not a magic pill that will fix the ups and downs of life (and why would you want it to be? we are here to experience everything) but what it can do is create a safe space for you to just be you. To know undoubtedly and unashamedly that you belong in this world, that you are allowed to take up space and that every part of you matters. I want every person I work with to feel whole and to embody their inner essence in whatever way that shows up.

My spiritual journey began when I started questioning why I was here and what my purpose was. At that time my life looked very different – a lot more partying, a lot less meditation – but I had a niggling feeling that a big change was coming. It was, and within a few months I was a yoga practicing, meditating, raw vegan! I went hard and fast to the extreme of what I thought back then was ‘spiritual’ but it turns out I was just replacing my hedonistic party days with hedonistic smoothie making (is that a thing!? let’s go with it). It took time for me to find my balance., to quit the spiritual bypassing and realise that spirituality didn’t look a certain way and in fact it was whatever I wanted it to be. It was just about living my life from a place of authenticity. I spent the next few years finding out about what my own truth was. 

The women’s work started when I became a mother. It felt like I’d spent my life waiting for my son to arrive and when he did everything just suddenly made sense. His birth was the catalyst for another huge shift. I started to embody my feminine essence more, to shift my yang yoga practice to a more fluid yin style and step into a power I didn’t know I had. Since then I’ve become qualified in pre and post natal yoga, well woman yoga therapy and menstruality mentor leadership.

Utilising what I’ve learnt from these trainings, as well as many years or trial and error, reading,  study, travel, self discovery and working with various mentors I now offer events, workshops, online courses and 121 coaching to help guide women to find their inner essence. To connect to their sensuality, their creativity, their bodies and to live a hell yes life.

gina torres menstruality
gina torres menstruation

Get To Know me

Where I’m based:  Currently Liverpool UK

Favourite travel spot:  France, I fell in love with the place this summer

Daily rituals I can’t live without: Meditation, Body brushing, gua sha, nettle tea

Best Advice:   What other people think of you is none of your business

Describe yourself in one Word:   Mother

My authentic code:   Vitality, authenticity, spirituality, nurturing

If it's not a hell yes, then it's a no

This is my favourite quote to live by, so if you’re ready to join me and live a life on purpose then get in touch and lets co create some magic!

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