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My mission is to guide women back home to themselves. I want every woman to feel safe to take up space in this world, embody her femininity, connect to her purpose and know that she belongs here. If you would like to hear about what led me to this work you can read more about me below..

what i do

I work with women to guide them back home to their bodies. To feel safe, nourished, confident, sexy and filled with vitality. If you’re ready to ignite your shakti power then you’ve come to the right place. I teach pre and post natal yoga, womb yoga and am a menstruality mentor. My offerings are made up of online and in person events/courses as well as one to one coaching. I also host the ‘this is womanhood’ podcast which you can hear more about below

Trust the movement - yoga membership site

An online platform that celebrates the cycling nature of the feminine. 

Movement for every season. No matter how you’re feeling, there will be classes that nourish you and encourage you to honour your changing needs

You’ll have access to a library of classes (womb yoga, hatha/vinyasa, restorative, meditations, breathing exercises), new uploads every week, live stream classes and a growing community ready to support and celebrate you.

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As my work focuses a lot around the menstrual cycle and working with womxn in different stages of life, I created a platform to honour the ever changing cycles of the feminine form.

Membership is open to anyone who menstruates or identifies as female.

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trust the movement

What They're Saying

The practice and rituals of womb yoga were empowering, vulnerable and deeply emotive. The power of sharing with other women in a safe space and connecting with my own wild feminine energy and that of the women who came reminded me of how important it is that we hold this space together.
Yesterday I attended a womb yoga session - thank you Gina for holding such a safe nourishing space. The workshop was somatically powerful and a safe space to inquire and explore a side of myself I've kept buried and locked away.
I now feel more at home in my body and in a space full of women. I felt empowered as a woman, to look after myself and speak up instead of comforming to some outdated norms. My cycle is now happening with me instead of to me and I know how to use it for my benefit
My first time in a womb yoga session and it was such a wonderful, grounding and safe space and practice. Thankyou gina and all the women who shared this space.

this is womanhood podcast

Listen on Spotify or podcast apps as I interview women from all walks of life about their experiences of womanhood. From parenting to sexuality, mental health to menstruation, nothing is off limits. 

this is womanhood podcast gina torres
this is womanhood podcast

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To learn more about what I do and begin your journey, head to my offerings page

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