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Menstrual cycle awareness



menstrual cycle awareness 6 week course

This course will be an opportunity to connect to your menstrual cycle as a life changing tool for spiritual growth and grounded body literacy.

An intimately held space for you to explore the wisdom of menstruation

Your body and cycle holds so much wisdom, how often do you tune in and listen? Chances are you’ve been taught to keep your monthly bleed a secret, to switch it off or to view it as an inconvenience. But what if I told you it can be your super power?

gina torres menstruation

this course is an introduction to and an exploration of menstrual cycle awareness

You will learn how to work with your own cycle as a tool for transformation.

What we will cover :

– The basics of MCA

– How to track your cycle

– Healing your menarchial experience

– The inner seasons

– Feminine yoga practices

– Self care for menstruation

– Cycle focused meditations

-Using your cycle to create and manifest

We will gather online for a live session each week (you’re attendance isn’t obligated for these sessions as a recording will be sent) and you will be supported throughout via WhatsApp where you can ask questions and share about your ongoing cycle experiences in a confidential and nourishing space.

who is this course for?

Anyone who has a menstrual cycle is welcome to join us on this 6 week journey of self discovery. 

Regardless of where you are on your journey or how you feel about your cycle, this course will bring great benefits.

For years I suffered with severe menstrual cramps and pms symptoms. I would dread my ‘time of the month’ and do all I could to avoid it yet now I look forward to my bleed and honour what my body needs in each stage.

I hear the same story time and time again from the women I work with. We learn from the world around us that our menstrual cycle is a curse, yet there is another way to view it. This is your opportunity to rewrite the story and reclaim the power that’s been waiting within.

what others have said

All in all a truly empowering experience that I can only highly recommend to all women out there. Thank you Gina for this journey
Its that moment for me where you realise someone else is going through a similar feeling/thoughts. Today I'm counting my blessings for being a part of this journey and group. It makes me smile and gives me such good energy.
I signed up for the course on a spur of the moment, so I didn’t really know what to expect. I had just decided to get my hormonal coil removed and, having been on hormonal contraception all my life, I had no knowledge of the natural cycle and anything to do with it. Wow, I was blown away, by all the knowledge Gina has around the cycle itself, the female physiology and hormones. But what truly amazed me was the shift I saw within myself. I now feel more at home in my own body and in a space full of women, I felt empowered as a woman, to look after myself and speak up instead of conforming to some outdated norms. My cycle is now happening with me instead of to me and I know how to use it for my benefit.
I'm actually looking forward to my bleed for the first time ever! I never thought I would say that after years of pain.