work with me one to one

Have you ever felt disconnected from your body? felt anxious, ungrounded or unsafe as a woman? or experienced issues around menstruation, women’s health, fertility or sexuality?

The disconnect we feel from our own bodies and from the women around us affects us on many levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

The work I do is a homecoming that guides you back to your feminine power within, through a combination of well woman yoga (womb yoga), menstrual cycle awareness and one to one support. 

These methods honour our cyclical female bodies and bring light to the parts of ourselves we keep hidden. Through these practices you will increase your self awareness and experience a deeper sense of body literacy which will empower you to step into your true essence..

This work can be beneficial to women at any time of life, whether or not you menstruate, or still have a womb and can be used for general wellbeing/vitality or to address specific issues such as :

-menstrual/fertility issues 

– low self esteem 

– anxiety/depression 

– eating disorders 

– digestive issues 

– low sexual desire 

– feeling stuck/disconnected/ isolated and more

It is your birthright to feel a deep sense of belonging. To feel free and to have the confidence to live from an authentic place. For too long we as women have felt ashamed to take up space or to use our voices. This is a call to every woman who has ever been made to feel small to step into her shakti power and take ownership of her innate wisdom. From that place, everything is possible.

Work with me to develop a deep connection to your body, feel safe to take up space in this world and love who you are.

Are you Ready To dive in?

I’m here to support you, answer your questions and walk with you on the journey home to yourself